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Worried with the present Corona pandemic gripping the entire world? This is the time which was unexpected and has brought in a new normal for the world order. The focus for everyone is now keeping themselves safe and secured from the risk of viral contamination.

As your leading and go-to supplier of masks and PPE kits, CoCareBox is your one-stop destination to help you get the protective gear you need and stay safe from viral danger. Our mission and vision is to keep every American safe providing them with the best product. Committed in quality and quantity, we provide finest grade masks and PPE kits, including NIOSH approved N95 masks and KN95 masks. All of our products are shipped from US, and are available to be bought at affordable prices. Whether you want to buy in individual or in bulk, we are the one-stop destination for you. Buy N95, KN95 Masks & More in PPE Online – Discounted Prices!

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Quality – Reliability – Cost-Effectiveness

We know how much significance buying the right and quality product holds for you. And the same goes for the PPE, especially in the present Corona virus times. With us you can be rest assured that all you will get is premium grade and finest products, intended to fit your entire usage needs.

Working with a strong network of registered manufacturers, we source our products hand-selected. These are created using the state-of-the-art manufacturing process, and are built to last long as well as provide full functionality. Our storage facility is safe and implementing advanced inventory management, all of your products are managed thoroughly right up to it reaches your destination. Budget is something that you all are concerned with, and with us you won’t have to worry in this concern as we provide affordable products along with timely discounts on our full range.

We bring to you a comprehensive range of NIOSH approved N95 masks, KN95 masks, 3-Ply disposable masks and hand sanitizers, which you can buy in different quantities easily with secure and fast checkout online.

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Keep Yourself Protected in Present COVID-19 Pandemic

When it comes to keeping yourself safe in the present COVID-19 times, you can’t let complacency rule you, as it can prove dangerous to you as well as your family. Make sure to keep yourself updated with the right information and knowledge, don’t buy into fake news and ensure you double-check whatever you hear or read about.

Being updated is what will keep you ahead and help you stay protected from any risk factors. We recommend you keep checking the Center for Disease Control (CDC) Website and other reliable resources. Along with this, it is mandatory that you buy only quality masks including disposable masks, 3-ply masks, N95 Masks, KN95 masks, as well as PPE gears such as hand sanitizers. Step out of your home only when it is necessary, maintain a safe distance from others in public, wear masks all the time in public settings, and keep washing your hands frequently with soap and water or hand sanitizers.

Importance of Masks – Helping You Stave Off the Health Dangers

Viral and bacterial contamination as well as germs carried through the airborne particles enters your body through mouth, nose and eyes. Masks work as the right gear that helps to create a boundary of protection between such particles and the mouth, nose and eyes. This is why wearing masks become a much important gear to wear to reduce your chances of getting infected from airborne particles, water droplets, pollutants, and viral and bacterial contamination.

We touch many surfaces with our hands, and then have a tendency to touch our face with the hands, which can transfer the germs from hands to the face. Cleaning our hands make them cleaned and free from germs. Thereby, washing our hands with soap and water as well as with hand sanitizers keep our hands germ-free, reducing our chances of exposure to diseases and infection.

Buy Products Shipped From USA

When shopping for masks and PPE category, you can come across suppliers sourcing from outer US. Ordering from these may mean that your orders take many days as well as weeks to arrive. Also, for products shipped from US, you also can’t rely on the quality, standardization and authenticity of the products. This is why you should always shop for masks and PPE gears always from US, which provides you with reliability of quality products as well as fast shipping service.

Why CoCareBox for Your Mask and PPE Kits Supply?

  • • Comprehensive range of different types of masks including 3-ply disposable masks, N95 masks and KN95 masks, and hand sanitizers.
  • • NIOSH-approved N95 and KN95 masks that assures full quality and functional efficiency
  • • Premium grade PPE products sourced from reliable and leading manufacturers
  • • Buy in individual as well as bulk, as per your convenience
  • • Adoption of safe supply and delivery methods in the present COVID-19 pandemic times
  • • Cost-effective products with discount options as well
  • • All products are shipped from US
  • • High stock maintenance – to enable all-time availability of masks and hand sanitizers for buyers

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