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Protective Gear – For All Times and Occasions – Keep Yourself Safe

Our hand and our face are most vulnerable to diseases and airborne articles, from surfaces as well as from viral and bacterial contaminations. While washing hands from soap and water helps to keep hands germ-free, what protective measure is suggested for keeping the face safe? Wearing a face mask.

Wearing a face mask helps to keep the mouth, nose and eyes safe from such risks. Covering the face is most effective when there is risk of infection surrounding you. CoCareBox helps you get the most suitable solution to stave off such health hazards with quality and reliable 3-ply disposable face masks. This optimum gear for your protection is a great weapon that could help you get away from dangers from viral infection, airborne particles, water droplets carrying germ and other hazardous pollutants.

CoCareBox brings to you the finest in the collection of 3-Ply dsposable masks that you can avail in bulk. Made from finest grade materials, these disposable face masks are high-quality, reliable, durable and efficient in use.

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3-Ply Mask – What is It – How It Differs from Other Masks?

3-Ply mask is a 3-layer mask that is designed to filter the particles through multi-structure process, while also enhancing the breathing capability of the wearer. The primary function of the mask is same like other masks, that is filter out the germ carrying particles and viral and bacterial contamination. This mask is ideal to be used by all, whenever they are steeping out of their home, in public settings and specific places like workplaces, oil fields, industrial premises, construction site, market, and other such areas where there is a need to mitigate the risk caused by infections.

For How Long can One Wear the 3-Ply Masks?

As you can notice as these are promoted as disposable masks, you can assess that the 3-Ply masks are disposable and must not be worn for long or after one time wear. The ideal wear time for these masks is 8-hours. However, if you notice that these masks have got contaminated then you should dispose the masks right away safely in a trash bin.

How to Properly and Safely Wear the 3-Ply Mask?

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) have outlines some key guidelines for how to wear the mask that enhances its efficiency and reduce your chances of getting infected, which you must follow at all times to as to increase your protection. You must wear the mask, covering your nose down to the chin area. It should be fitted tight against your face leaving no gaps.

When putting on the mask and when removing it, make sure that you are not touching the front of the mask, but only handling it through the ear loops or straps.

Why CoCareBox for 3-Ply Mask?

As your dedicated and quality store for different types of masks, CoCareBox brings the finest quality of collection, in wide variety and in huge that fulfils your need for quality as well as sufficient supply of 3-Ply face masks.

Where to Buy 3-Ply Disposable Face Masks?

As we have mentioned above, CoCareBox is a leading online store that brings forth finest quality collection of 3-Ply face masks. Whether you want to buy individual or in bulk, or whatever purpose and need you are buying the mask for, here you will get complete purchase satisfaction.

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